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Henriksen guitar amplifiers

Henriksen amplifiers designs and manufactures high quality, analog musical instrument amplifiers in Arvada, CO catering to professional level players who care about their sound and need performance-ready equipment.
Unfortunately Henriksen amplifiers announced last time that he suspends his dealer network. They will sell in the future direct to the Customer. They're provide all support to their gears, which are in stock at the dealers. So here are the last pieces on stock direct from Eu. If You do not want to care about shipping fees and custom procedures, catch the last ones !

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Henriksen The Bud SIX+ Gig bag

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Guitar amp for all kind of guitars - classical, acoustic, jazz, solid body lost it's weight, now it's just under 6 kgs! Bud still 120 watt, truly gigable amp with 2 channel, efx loop, studio grade line out! Feed Your active electronic pickup, or condeser microphone via combined 48V phantom powered XLR/ 1/4" jack inputs!

€ 1,430.00 (€ 1,125.98 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Henriksen

Henriksen Ball Cap

In Stock
Henriksen Ball Cap right from the factory. Wear Your amp
€ 50.00 (€ 39.37 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Henriksen

Henriksen The Bud T-shirt

In Stock
Henriksen The Bud T-Shirt straight from the factory. Wear Your amp!
€ 30.00 (€ 23.62 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Henriksen

Henriksen The Bud Ten

Preorder with notification

All Henriksen combo is available. The availibality is limited. The sipping takes 6 weeks from the order. First stocks coming soon. Do not hesitate to order, if You need a true sounding amp!

The Bud is the Henriksen amplifiers most popular combo. It is a two independent channel acoustic / jazz guitar amp, with many extra features. Now it is available in 10 inch version with more low ends and more body to the sound. Now it is for guitars and acoustic bass also.

€ 1,599.00 (€ 1,259.06 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Henriksen

Henriksen The Blu TEN

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Free Shipping in Eu!

Henriksen Blu Ten is redefining the sound, You heard before from Your instrument. This 10inch, one channel combo have clean accurate tone, ultimate combinity of sound reproducing thanks to defeatable tweeter, 5 band eq, onboard reverb  and TRS FX loop. Your instrument is speak like as it is!

€ 1,290.00 (€ 1,015.75 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Henriksen

Henriksen The Blu SIX + Gig Bag

Preorder with notification

Henriksen The Blu Six is a single channel 120 watt ultimate guitar combo with a 6,5" Eminence Beta speaker and a defeatable fluid-cooled tweeter. Incredible headroom in a compact 5,5 kg pack.

€ 1,150.00 (€ 905.51 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Henriksen