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Warranty conditions

OFFICIAL MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE for the purchased product.

Our products are marketed in accordance with the applicable warranty policy.

All of our products are delivered directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributor, so you can enjoy local service background security and product support everywhere. Only this kind of guarantee ensures that your appliance will be repaired or changed as soon as possible if it is decided by the service department.

According to the relevant legislation, all new products sold by us are subject to a minimum warranty period of 12 months. The longer warranty period is indicated for the products concerned. The start of the warranty period is the date when You get Your product shipped.
In accordance with consumer protection regulations, the product purchased at the online store can be returned at any time within 14 days, and the 72 hour defective product rule is still alive. That is, a defective product within 72 hours of receipt will be replaced by our webshop or refund the purchase price.

The warranty claim can be enforced by presenting the following documents together:

- The product is fully factory packed with all the factory accessories
- A copy of the receipt or invoice
- Warranty certificate issued by our company or a factory warranty included with the product
We can not accept the warranty claim in case of partial or complete failure.

You can contact the nearest authorized service provider for warranty issues and, of course, return the defective bullet to us. Warranty repairs and inspections typically take 1-2 weeks, but service providers reserve the right to extend this period in justified cases.

72 Hour Replacement and Warranty only apply to products, whose failure occurred during normal use. Malfunctions due to improper use do not include warranty, 72-hour or 14-day replacement (eg crashed, tampered, arrested, etc. due to fall). Accordingly, further steps should be taken as above:

The detected malfunction is to be reported by the distributor (vendor), the manufacturer / importer's telephone number or your central service (for more information, see the warranty leaflet included with the product) or one of the following contact details of the webshop:

Hungary-8226 Alsóörs, Alkotmány street 18

Tel. + 36-30-9018-108


If the notification is justified on the basis of an investigation by the Service Provider / Vendor to the Distributor, the manufacturer / Seller will undertake to immediately replace the Product (72 Hour Replacement), Warranty Repair (Over 72 Hours)

If it is clear that a 72-hour failure due to proper use, then of course we will provide an instant replacement.

If the intended use is unclear, our Webstore only undertakes to replace the defective product within 72 hours with the knowledge of the official service.

In the event of a defect in the product, you must follow the information provided in the package or with the invoice you are given with the invoice.
Portfolios sent from our webshop, they will always be returned to the sender.

Warranty return costs are always borne by the buyer. Of course, if after returning it turns out that it is a material defect or a problem under warranty, then the webshop will reimburse the cost of shipping afterwards.

In the event of problems caused by third parties or unprofessional handling, adjustment and non-warranty conditions, we will not be able to reimburse the cost of delivery.

If the warranty or warranty period has not been indicated for any product, please call customer service on the phone for warranty or warranty period.

In the event of a defect in the product, you must follow the information provided in the package or with the invoice you are given with the invoice.