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Henriksen amplifiers from Hungary

Welcome on my page! 

I want to ensure availibility for You of Henriksen amplifiers from Hungary to Middle-Europe, from stock or by pre-order, with reliable shipping and payment conditions. I am working with factory background support, so You can be sure in Your purchase!

Henriksen The Bud and Jazzamp are well known and acknowledged amplifiers not only for jazz guitarist, but these are fitting for all demands of any kind of guitar and genres - check the videos!

No matter if You are a private, or a company, You can purchase Your gear with fitted conditions. Please register Yourself on the top of page to get Your Henriksen!

Feel free to share Your thoughts or demands!


You can read some news, infos, events, occasions about the shop, products!

Henriksen Amplifiers from Hungary to Europe!


  • New things are coming

    Two new manufacturers innovative products are coming in the next week. The sound revolution continues!
  • New Stock

    The first stock is runned out quikly. Thank to the Factory support and the fast delivery from the Usa, the new stock is here from Henriksen The Bud!

    Now we have promotion! You can buy The Bud with Gig Bag!