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Henriksen The Forte

Henriksen The Forte Henriksen The Forte is arrived... and sounds great!

Basicly You can read so many technical details beside the product or on But all amps gauge how it sounds. You cannot feel the body of this amps sound on any video.

Also it is almost useless to reading about how it sounds, even to write about it. The first impress was that this is a really fat sound amp. Not as usual tube amps. It is sparkling on every stage of the volume, and on a quiet low volume coming a big body from the amp. So all the spectrum of the volume You have the same feel of a well driven tube amp, not to mean the preamp, but the power amp. A tube amp reaches its really sound on a certain volume level, where You have fairly enough headroom, but the power amp is not compressed yet. This amp have the fat sparkling sound on every volume. It is very loud, but never too loud, it is always stay correct, even with some driven tone.

The saturation pot opens the sound, so it is perfect with archtop and solidbody as well. It have bass a treble pots over the 5 band Eq, and it is very usefull to reach faster the well known sound, but more. The Speaker, or the cab with the speaker is a new dimension. It is sound very dynamic, not forced, but the dynimic is coming thru is really impressive.

I respect very much the old clessic tube amps from Fender. The Forte sounds with the same bright and fat sound - maybe more, but it is not my job to decide it - , but also have in its sound all, what the nowadays modern guitar playing need. Just go to straight into the amp and can tell all the the stories You have. Not least it is less than a half weight than a Proreverb, and with much less compare a Twin.