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€ 399.00 (€ 314.17 + VAT)
Model: TOOB 12S
Availability: In Stock
Single ported guitar Cab with 100 watts power in featherweight. Ready to all genres. Simple every-day workhorse with no compromise in sound. TOOB comes from Thinking Out Of the Box. On top of being up to 70% lighter than conventional speaker cabinets, TOOB features a clear, uncolored tone and an open, broad projection appreciated by your bandmates and the audience.
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Manufacturer: TOOB speakers


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The 12S is a closed back guitar cabinet with a single reflex port on the back. Setted with Jensen Jet Tornado 100 watts / 8ohm speaker. Ready to all genres from trad jazz to heavy rock. Very transparent tone, defined mids and sparkling highs. Use vertical to reach more low-end with the wire legs in the back, or use with Magleg to angle direction. When one is not enough, use paralell connected jack out to connect more TOOBs! 


Weight 4.5Kilograms
Handling power 100Watt
Speaker Jensen 12" Jet Tornado
Impedance 8 ohm
Frequency response 75-5000Hz
Size 275 * 335 * 330 mm (without leg)
Connections a pair of 1/4" Jack, paralell wiring
Heavy duty metal grill
Vintage style leather handle
Mounting saddle for micro amps
Magleg magnetically detachable leg


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