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€ 419.00 (€ 329.92 + VAT)
Model: TOOB 12J+ BB
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TOOB comes from Thinking Out Of the Box. It took us nearly ten years to perfect this revolutionary design. On top of being up to 70% lighter than conventional speaker cabinets, TOOB features a clear, uncolored tone and an open, broad projection appreciated by your bandmates and the audience.
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The 12J + is a developed version of open-back TOOB 12J with a special damper on the open back, which gives more warm and round sound - in a mellow tone. Great for jazz. The BB version is setted with the first AlNiCo magnet Janesen speaker in the Jet series, Blackbird 40. This set-up give more clarity, also controlled low-end and firm mid-range. 


Weight 4Kilograms
Handling power 40Watt
Speaker Jensen 12" BlackBird 40
Impedance 8 ohm
Power 40 watt
Frequency response 75-5000Hz
Size 275 * 335 * 330 mm (without leg)
Connections a pair of 1/4" Jack, paralell wiring
Heavy duty metal grill
Vintage style leather handle
Mounting saddle for micro amps
Magleg magnetically detachable leg


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