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Quilter ToneBlock202
€ 719.00 (€ 566.14 + VAT)

Quilter ToneBlock202

€ 719.00 (€ 566.14 + VAT)
Model: Quilter ToneBlock202
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The Tone Block 202 combines a major update to Quilters 200 power-plant plus everything they’ve learned about Direct-Out connectivity, to deliver the ultimate single channel amp head - a complete tool kit for stage and studio. Universal power supply, enhanced speaker drive options, new voicings, and latest Direct Out interface enhance studio recording and direct PA connections for both loud and silent stages. Brings any good speaker to life; even better when paired with our BlockDock 12 speaker.
Average Rating: 2
Manufacturer: Quilter
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Quilter Block Deluxe Case

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€ 59.00 (€ 46.46 + VAT)


Quilter have gone all-out to make the Tone Block 202 the ultimate gigging amp. Seven powerful controls, 3-way voicing switch, pre/post signal/headphone jack, Cab-Sim that automatically tracks output settings, a new FR voice option with tight solid-state damping for use with modelers, plus FullQ and Vintage voices with traditional Quilter warmth, all add up to unmatched tonal versatility. You'll quickly notice that notes feel bigger and hit harder!


Weight 1.5Kilograms
Handling power 200Watt
Impedance 4-8 ohms
AC Power Req. 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 250W max
Input Connections 1/4" mono, 2meg impedance.
Effects Loop 1V full scale, 1K Send impedance, 47K Return impedance.
Direct Out (Rear) XLR-M, 300mv full scale, balanced, ground lifted, 10K min.
Signal Out (Front) TRS, switchable, Line Out pre-Master +4dB balanced, or Headphone post-Master.
Speaker 1 Output 8 ohms, 200 W minimum recommended rating
Speaker 2 Output 4 ohms, 200 W minimum recommended rating
Dimensions 8.5" x 7.25" x 3.25" (21.6cm x 18.4cm x 8.3cm)


2 rating
13/08/2021 -
I love it. The vintage voice is sparkling and compared to my Fender Princeton ri68 a far cleaner and tighter sound. This is my first solid state amp, always played tube amps, I keep my Princeton but for now it looks the Quilter will get much more playing time. If you love the cleans then it's a no brainer and can compete with every tube amp. The match with the dock block 10 is lovely.
13/08/2021 -
I love it, it has a vintage voice better than my Fender Princeton ri 68.
It has more sparkling heights. Together with the block dock 10 a perfect combination. I use it mainly for jazz and funk.