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Quilter Overdrive 202

€ 739.00 (€ 581.89 + VAT)
Model: Quilter Overdrive 202
Availability: In Stock
Quilter Overdrive 202 is a features three new voicings with their own overdrive and clean channel, reverb, limiter and cab simulated line out. Pre/post power amp line out features signal or headphone line out also. The new Overdrive 202 delivers 200 watts on 8 or 4 ohm.
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Manufacturer: Quilter


Quilter Overdrive 202 delivers full guitar tone versatility in powerful 200 watts in featherweight, backpack size box. Seven powerful controls on two separate channel, reverb, master controls. Limiter allow reduce the gain level for creamy overdrive. Three voicings are allow to get great sound to all kind of instruments to all musical genres to a guitarist. 

Three voicings are:

 1.  A flat “honest” voice similar to many early amps, with some added treble sparkle for improved definition. Unlocks the full warmth and tone of guitar speakers while preserving the honest voice of your instrument

2. A distinctive "bell-like tone" that emphasizes the “presence” harmonics, letting your instrument sing in both clean and overdrive registers. Improves chord definition without harsh “ice pick” tones.. 

3. A classic metallic voicing with lots of “oomph” and incisive highs, delivering the classic “ripping” guitar sound and thrashing overdrive you expect from a “high gain” amp.

Get the amp and read tha manual for Pro Tips!


Weight 1.8Kilograms
Handling power 200Watt
Impedance 4-8 ohms
Channels Clean and Overdrive
Overdive chanel Gain, Limiter, Output
Clean Gain, Bass, Mid, High,
Common Reverb, Master
Chanel switch on board or RJ-45 connector footswitch
AC Power Req 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 250W max
Input Connections 1/4" mono, 2meg impedance.
Effects Loop 1V full scale, 1K Send impedance, 47K Return impedance.
Signal Out (Front) TRS, switchable, Line Out pre-Master +4dB balanced, or Headphone post-Master.
Speaker 1 Output 8 ohms, 200 W minimum recommended rating
Speaker 2 Output 4 ohms, 200 W minimum recommended rating
Dimensions 21.8cm x 18.5cm x 6.3cm + (1cm rubber feet )


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