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Quilter Micro Block 45

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€ 169.00 (€ 133.07 + VAT)
Model: Quilter Micro Block 45
Manufacturer article number: Quilter Micro Block 45
Availability: In Stock
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars! (1)
Manufacturer: Quilter
Pedal size - Mighty power! Tri-Q - Sound from "Blackface" to pushed High-gain!


Gain, Tri-Q, Master. The same three wide-range controls that made the Tone Block 200 famous are now available in pedal form. Gain goes from clean to soaring overdrive. Tri-Q goes from Blackface chime to roaring lead boost. And Master takes you from full output down to zero with no change in tone or overdrive. Perfect for practice or playing out.


Weight 0.5Kilograms
Handling power 45Watt
Power 33 Watt ( 8 ohm ) / 45 Watt ( 4 Ohm )
Weight 1,3 Kg
Size 24 cm * 29 cm * 8 cm
Inputs 1/4" guitar, 1/8" line in ( computer, mobile, mp3 player - when using this input, the guitar level will be decreased ), 24V 3A power supply
Outputs 1/4" speaker out ( min 4 ohm ), 1/8" headphone / mix console +4dB
Controls Gain, Tri-Q, Master


In Stock
€ 389.00 € 359.00 (€ 282.68 + VAT)


1 rating
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| 5 out of 5 Stars!
I am a long time Quilter fan.
I already own the first MicroPro 200 with the wood cabinet and the 101. The Block 45 is a very very small guitar head, the size of a pedal, with a very Fenderish sound. You won't play metal with this one, but if you like twanging clean and smooth overdrive sound, this is it ! the aux input and the headphone output are very useful in a bedroom conditions, but don't the size fool you : you can plug it into a cabinet and "abracadabra", you have a back up amp in your guitar back. I would have lijed the power unit to be smaller, since it is as big as the pedal itself, or the ability to power it with batteries, but for this size, you can't complain. Great service and help from lightweightguitar !