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New brands, new gears.

New brands, new gears. Life goes on, after the tour season we offer two new brands and a new product portfolio not only for guitarists!

Let me announce a new step on business!

Great honour to lightweightguitaramp to welcome Europes great innovator not only in guitar gear:


DV Mark is one of the most innovative guitar gear companies on the world, but no needed to introduce. Because they are interested so many aspects of sound business, they solutions not only good product and sound quality, but great option to combine, and spread profile to use. Studio or stage or arena, You gonna find your tone and it will work everywhere.

How can it be? DV mark is a part of Marco De Virgiliis Brand family of sound gears. So here is the moment to welcome the bass players in the shop!

Maybe the most known member of this group the:





If You have anything to solve with your bass, You can do it with MarkBass. Spread profile, combo or head&cab soulutions. Great sound, great portability. Combine Your combo with extra cabs on big stages or run just a caffe-bar gig. All is possible, and all is in the highest level of sound.

The concept of these two new brands not only to thinking they"re own head of sound, but work together nowadays greatest musicians, like Marcus Miller, Stu Ham, Jeff Berlin, Mark King, Frank Gambale, Greg Howe, Eric Gales, Ciro Manna...

...and I am sure that we not on the end of this line.

So, here You know You can find more and more. We continuelsy spreading our profile, giving You more solutions, informations about what You need. Feel free to ask, if You have question!