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Henriksen BUD - BLU 10 Gig bag

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Gig-bag for Henriksen BUD or BLU 10 combos
€ 120.00 (€ 94.49 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Henriksen

Neunaber Immerse Reverberator Mk II

2 weeks

Eight Stellar Stereo Reverbs — Zero Learning Curve

The Immerse Mk II raises the bar with eight rich stereo reverbs in one easy to use pedal. No user manual required. Experience studio-quality tone that can be used with instruments of all stripes.

€ 279.00 (€ 219.69 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Neunaber

Neunaber Seraphim Shimmer

2 weeks

From Lush Reverb to a Majestic Choir of Angels

Imagine being able to add a little atmospheric sparkle or a full synth-pad effect. Now, imagine switching on-the-fly between this and the WetReverb for which Neunaber is famous.

But you also want to keep it simple — less time fiddling with knobs and more time playing. And you want something that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your pedalboard or require a lot of power from your supply.

Introducing the Seraphim Shimmer v2 — everything you loved about the original, plus more.

€ 219.00 (€ 172.44 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Neunaber

Neunaber Wet Reverb V5

2 weeks

From Natural to Atmospheric, it's Easy with the Wet Reverb

Dialing in a great tone shouldn't be a daunting task. Designed for compact flexibility, the Wet Reverb gives you the power to craft your reverb sound with three straightforward controls.

You want a reverb that can be huge and endless, warm and organic, or simply add a subtle sparkle. You set high standards for yourself and your tone, so add something special to your sound that doesn’t get in the way.

Introducing the Wet Reverb v5 — an update to the fan-favorite reverbpedal. The new Wet Reverb has everything you loved about its predecessor, plus a little more.

€ 219.00 (€ 172.44 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Neunaber

Neunber Echeleon Echo V2

2 weeks

A Warm, Musical Echo with Tap Tempo that’s Easy-to-Use

You want a warm, studio-quality echo pedal that’s simple and easy enough to adjust on the fly. You also want the option for something that’s more lo-fi sounding. Oh yeah, and you want tap tempo, but you don’t want to take up a lot of space on your pedalboard. Is this too much to ask? Not for the Echelon Echo v2.

€ 219.00 (€ 172.44 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Neunaber

Neunaber Audio Illumine Reverb

2 weeks

The Ultimate Reverb Machine

ILLUMINE packs 20 studio-quality reverbs, 50 presets, MIDI and powerful expression control in a low-power, pedalboard-friendly package with top jacks. Regardless of your instrument or style of music, ILLUMINE has the flexibility and tone you desire. Your creativity is the only limit.

€ 499.00 (€ 392.91 + VAT)
Manufacturer: Neunaber

DV Mark Little Jazz/AC801 cover

In Stock
Cover for DV Mark Little Jazz / AC801 combos
€ 49.00 (€ 38.58 + VAT)
Manufacturer: DV Mark

Markbass Little Mark IV

In Stock

The flagship Markbass amplifier, the Little Mark III is the industry standard for tone, portability and value.

€ 579.00 € 549.00 (€ 432.28 + VAT)
Manufacturer: MarkBass


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TOOB comes from Thinking Out Of the Box. It took us nearly ten years to perfect this revolutionary design. On top of being up to 70% lighter than conventional speaker cabinets, TOOB features a clear, uncolored tone and an open, broad projection appreciated by your bandmates and the audience.

Black color

€ 389.00 (€ 306.30 + VAT)
Manufacturer: TOOB speakers