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Are the lighter amplifiers, speakers better?

This is the first question anyone is discussing with the web site. Are the heavier better? The weight of the equipment itself is just one of the many features. To make it easier to pack, sure, but a guitarist wants to make a good sound first. It is another question that if someone is playing in several places someday, sooner or later he or she will become interested in the weight of the equipment and its packability. Many swear the sound of the tubular amplifiers, and others see the solution in the modeling amplifiers. For light amplifiers, many of them have the right to think of low-cost modeling or transistor single- or two-channel practice combos. Their voice is often far from what we mean by professional sounding. So many people have rightly deduced that what is easy, can not be good. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. The amplifier and speaker manufacturers on the website have been searching for decades and found solutions that do not need to compromise on the sound. Both for Henriksen Amplifiers and Quilter Laboratories, they take full advantage of today's modern capabilities, but they are perfect for the thick American / British classical guitar sound that every guitarist is rightly waiting for. In summary, the sound is not proportional to the weight of the materials in the equipment, but to the knowledge and quality components with which and from which the equipment is assembled. To do this, you can perfectly match the speakers that can be found on the page. Although all the components with classically good sound - Jensen, Eminence loudspeakers - are all combined with modern materials that support these loudspeakers with the right character and straightness!