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Acoustic Image Upshot 2
€ 1,799.00 (€ 1,416.54 + VAT)

Acoustic Image Upshot 2

€ 1,799.00 (€ 1,416.54 + VAT)
Model: Acoustic Image Upshot 2
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Clarus SL-2 head with Upshot speaker cab creates a 300 watts, two channel combo
Average Rating: Not Rated
Manufacturer: Acoustic Image


Acoustic Image Clarus SL-2

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€ 1,299.00 (€ 1,022.83 + VAT)

Acoustic Image Upshot speaker cab

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€ 719.00 (€ 566.14 + VAT)


The UpShot cabinet can be combined with any Acoustic Image head to create a combo amp UpShot 2 is the combination of the UpShot cabinet and the Clarus SL-2 head 14 lbs, 12x9 inches with amp docked Two channels pure guitar or bass sound


Weight 7.5Kilograms
Handling power 300Watt
See detailed parameters on Clarus SL-2 and Upshot cabinets page


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